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 Digital Landscape

Competition 1

1st place John Dowel : touch of red
2nd = Gregor Roach: look down from Kelly cut
2nd =Jack de Koning: Inversion

Prints  Beach

Competition 1

1st  Joe Brown : The Flocking Instinct 

2nd Les Aikman: sunset beach play time

3rd = Joe Brown: A Beach of Their Own

3rd =  Les Aikman: Stripes

1st Les Aikman Glasgow street art

2nd Jack de Koning Crossing the square 

3rd  John Dowell  FIELDTRIP

Competition 2

Digital Street

Competition 2

Print Motion / Long Exposure

Ist Place   :Jill McKane :Spooky Street Mirror in Edinburgh 
2nd Place  :Jill & Rosannah  McKane : Heart Eyes
3rd Place  :Raymond McElroy  : Two Forths.

Competition 3  : Digital reflections

Ist Place  :Joe Brown    : Seville Parasol.
2nd Place :Gregor Roach : Vatican museum.  
3rd Place  :Joe Brown    : Pilgrims Stairway.

Competition 3   Prints  Architecture

1st Place  Concentration Jack  de Koning

2nd Place The Lookout  Jack  de Koning

3rd Place Nathatch been Nathatch Gregor Roach

Highly Commended  Heron Fishing Joe Brown

Comended Dameslfly Jack  de Koning

Comended Lerwick Harbour Seal Raymond Mcelroy

Competition 4

Digital Wild Life 

Competition 4

Print  Portraight

Competition 5

Print Mono Digital Mono

1st Place  Club Portraight Night Gregor  Roach

2nd Place The Lookout  Fringe 2016 Gregor  Roach

3rd Place Not Amused Joe Brown

Annual Print and Digital Open

Annual Digital Open

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